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Jet Fast Gas Conveyor Ovens

  • Jet fast gas conveyor ovens are the best buy to increase production in less space
  • Bakes 30% to 50% faster than traditional ovens
  • Improves product consistency and reduce labour costs
  • Increases production per square meter
  • Minimizes energy costs by 35% to 65%
  • Stackable (up to 3 high) or in-line tunnel construction
  • Jets of high velocity hot air evenly bake food
  • Bakes pizzas in 5 to 6 minutes
  • Adjustable speed and temperature
  • Excellent moisture retention
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Legs included
  • Temperature up to 300 degrees celcius
Model FC2G
Width (mm) 2085
Depth (mm) 1270
Height (mm) 1365
Weight (kg) 590
Tunnel clearance (mm) 89
Manufacturers warranty on Doyon Conveyor ovens - 12 months parts and labour

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