Ranging from Benchtop to Stick Blenders, L.J Stuart offers a variety of sizes, styles and brands, including Hamilton, Santos, Semak, Robot Coupe and more!

Semak Stick Blenders

The Semak Vitablend range is a favorite in the hospitality and healthcare industries due to its lightweight and ergonomics. These commercial stick blenders are strong and durable, perfect for withstanding the demands of high volume commercial kitchens. European designed, the Semak Vitablend stick blenders are easy to use and handle, and are equipped with interchangeable shafts, powerful industrial motors, safety switch and variable speed options (on selected models). Specifications
Model VB250 VB300 VB350 VB400 VB500 VB240W
Capacity (litres) 10-15 25-30 40-50 75-100 150 NA
Shaft length (mm) 250 300 350 400 500 240
Attachments No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Variable speed No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Electrical (W) 250 550 550 550 550 550

Robot Coupe Stick Blenders

  • Perfect hygiene; Foot, knife, bell and whisk fully removable
  • Large processing capability: Powerful motor for fast processing and an optimum quality end product
  • Easy maintenance: All stainless steel tube, bell, knife and whisk
  • Overmoulded blade to ensure perfect hygiene
  • Stainless steel wall support
  • The knife can be dismantled for easy cleaning with a special tool provided
  • Specifically shapped handle for good grip, reducing user fatigue
  • Variable speed models
  • 240 Volts
  • Self regulating speed system: The speed stays the same whatever the consistancy of the preperation
Capacity (litres) 15 30 45
Shaft size mixer (mm) 250 300 350
Variable-speed mixer (rpm) 4800-9600 4800-9600 4800-9600
Height (mm) 610 660 718
Width (mm) 94 94 94
Depth (mm) 94 94 94
Weight (kg) 3 3.1 3.2
Power 270W;1.1A 300W,1.2A 350W;1.4A
** Stick Blenders Including Whisks
Capacity (litres) 15 15
Shaft size mixer (mm) 250 300
Shaft size whisk (mm) 220 220
Variable-speed mixer (rpm) 2300-9600 2300-9600
Variable-speed whisk (rpm) 500-1800 500-1800
Height (mm) 610 660
Width (mm) 94 94
Depth (mm) 94 94
Weight (kg) 3 3.1
Power 270W;1.1A 300W;1.1A

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